Whole Family Faith Formation

Building Families of Faith

This year, the Diocese of Manchester instituted Restored Order, which reordered the Sacraments of Initiation to their original order.

This Fall we are excited to announce that our parishes will begin a new and exciting model of Faith Formation which is centered on two things: family, and lifelong learning

Our Family Faith Formation programs will engage not only young people, but also their parents, and will incorporate opportunities for family members of all ages.

As a parish, we are putting the full weight of our time, treasure, and talent into creating a dynamic and engaging faith formation program that is worthy of our young people.  We are inviting you, as the most important people in their lives, to join us in this exciting endeavor and to help us give our young people the one gift that will sustain them in this life and the next, faith.

Our program is open to children from pre-school to high school, and will begin with Mass each week and extend from it with a series of engaging lessons, innovative ways of learning, and opportunities for learning for young and old alike.

Click here for the st. Ignatius Parish faith formation program.

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We are committed to building Strong, Catholic families!

Photo credit: True Presence Photography