Welcome to our parish family!

two parishes, One family

At St. Ignatius and St. Mary, we are family.

We share victories and lift each other up when life gets the best of us. We share meals together. We have fun parties together. We praise our Heavenly Father with one voice. We even have a family dog!

Firm in our Catholic Faith, we live out the mission of Christ - bringing each other to Heaven through love - in our homes, churches, and society.

We hope you will consider joining our diverse, Catholic family.

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Part Terrier/Schnauzer/Swiss Shepherd/Chihuahua/ All Angel

Part Terrier/Schnauzer/Swiss Shepherd/Chihuahua/ All Angel

Bandit is a 3-year-old rescue dog from Houston, TX who joined our parish on Easter Monday in 2017. He quickly became a beloved member of our parish family and acts as our parish mascot, office greeter, and even magician for our parish events!

Bandit’s hobbies include: sleeping, napping, laying on his office couch, stretching, and receiving belly and ear scratches. He is on a special diet for his kidney condition, so no matter what he tells you, he can’t eat people food. Bandit frequently goes to Fr. Andrew for confession because he can’t resist cookie crumbs.

Be sure to follow Bandit on Instagram to see what he’s up to every day at the parish office!


  • St. Mary’s in Rollinsford, NH is the oldest Catholic church still in use in the state.

  • Our pastor, Fr. Andrew Nelson, was a teacher for 8 years before becoming a priest. His former students call him “Father Mister Nelson” now!

  • Father Andrew won 2nd place for Best Regular Column by the Catholic Press Association for his column, “The Rest of the Week", in Parable Magazine. We are very proud of him!

  • St. Ignatius is home to the 2nd largest Indonesian community on the seacoast.

  • The number of new parishioner registrations has almost doubled in the last year.

Photo Credits: True Presence Photography & Vivianne Derosier