Religious Education

Welcome to our new Whole Family Faith Formation Building Families of Faith

This Fall we are excited to announce that our parish will begin a new and exciting model of Faith Formation which is centered on two things, family, and lifelong learning.  Traditional models of CCD have largely failed to touch the hearts of young people and allowed for a disconnected/drop and run approach to learning.  Our program is designed to not only engage young people in active learning but also to support the entire family as they seek to grow in faith.  Our program will begin with Mass each week and extend from it with a series of engaging lessons, innovative ways of learning, and opportunities for learning for young and old alike.

Our Family Faith Formation program will engage not only young people, but also their parents, and will incorporate opportunities for family members of all ages. This exciting program will require not only the investment of time and resources by the parish but also the involvement of our families.  As a parish, we are putting the full weight of our time, treasure, and talent into creating a dynamic and engaging faith formation program that is worthy of our young people.  We are inviting you, as the most important people in their lives, to join us in this exciting endeavor and to help us give our young people the one gift that will sustain them in this life and the next, faith.



The church bulletin announces dates and times of all Family Faith Formation activities.

Registration is held early in September. Requests for teachers also begins at this time.


Religious Education Teachers

Our religious education teaching staff is comprised solely of volunteers who convey to our young the Christian message. Committed people are needed and are well appreciated by the church and community for their contributions. Training and supporting materials are available to those willing to undertake this rewarding experience.  Interested people should contact the religious education center.




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St. Ignatius Family Faith Formation Schedule 2018-2019

St. Mary Family Faith Formation Schedule 2018-2019


Restored Order of the Sacraments
Bishop Libasci has asked that beginning this Fall every parish in the diocese begin the process of Restoring the Order of the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion to their original place. What the Restored Order of the Sacraments means is that the Sacrament of Confirmation and First Communion will take place in the Third Grade. The move is to restore the placement of first Communion as the final Sacrament of Initiation (Baptism, confirmation, First
In the Spring of 2019 we will be Confirming all children enrolled in our religious education program in Grades 3-10. For more information please click on the link below.

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